Best Romance Novel: The Kingdom of Meridian by Shiån Serei

The Bee Keeper's Daughter

Volume one of the kingdom of Meridian Romance novel series

About The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

The story begins with Maria, a young woman struggling to survive in medieval Russia. Through a series of tragic events, she must travel from Rostov, upstream on the Volga river across Northwestern Russia to find safety with relatives in a distant city. Along the way she is exposed to a dangerous, unforgiving world, far beyond the conservative village she had always known. Her experience becomes a personal journey in trust, adventure, love and destiny.
Readers will be taken on an exciting journey filled with folklore, Russian history, and romantic encounters. The pace is fast as Maria travels by ship trying to evade Tatar soldiers who seek to return her to Rostov. Armed only with a handful of items and the knowledge her parents gave her, she must trust her life to complete strangers while learning to survive in a world where nothing is as it seems. Her story unfolds with chaotic twists that drive her to a destiny far greater than she ever imagined.

The Kings' Bodyguard

Volume two of the kingdom of Meridian Romance novel series

About The King's Bodyguard

The sequel to The Bee Keeper’s Daughter, Maria continues to uncover her mysterious destiny. Her life becomes intertwined with new characters and adversarial villains as she arrives in Meridian as a hopeless slave.
She struggles with her fate, desperate for a savior, only to find love in the most unexpected of circumstances. A merchant ship arrives from Neva with news from Rostov while spies hide in plain sight, colluding to insight war in the kingdom.
Royal weddings, alliances, secret interludes and lost treasures drive the story through more twists and discoveries in medieval England.

Fall of Meridian

Volume three of the kingdom of Meridian Romance novel series

About Fall of Meridian

The plague has taken a great toll on the allies and defenses of the kingdom. Maria and Robert struggle to nurture their new born son while war is eminent in Meridian. Beneke’s lust for the hidden treasure has fueled an army, greedy for gold, to destroy and invade the peaceful walls of the kingdom. To survive they must escape as Maria’s bond with Celine is tested at the ultimate level of trust and loyalty.

Tasked with a lifelong responsibility beyond comprehension, Maria’s family must survive the fall of Meridian and preserve the destiny of the entire Kingdom. No one can be trusted with the knowledge they carry, nor the mission they must complete decades later. Loyalties emerge in unlikely places as friendships become the only path beyond the Kingdom’s walls.

The Lost Kingdom

Volume four of the kingdom of Meridian Romance novel series

About The Lost Kingdom

Life in obscurity has become the blanket of safety for Maria's family. As years have passed, her daily routine on the small English farm has become similar to the world she knew as a child. Hope remains as she struggles to raise children in a war-torn world vexed with plague and greed in all directions.
Maria and Robert work tirelessly to pass on all their knowledge and skill to their son Alex. Accepting that some of his teaching must come by way of travel and experience.  Trusted allies also appear, helping to orchestrate the eventual path of rebuilding the Kingdom of Meridian.

Return to Meridian

Volume five of the kingdom of Meridian Romance novel series

About Return to Meridian

A new King ascends the throne of England, seeking the reinstatement of true blood lines in all provinces. The time has come to rebuild the Kingdom of Meridian. Maria and Robert proceed with the plan entrusted to them decades earlier, but a false king and corrupt priest stand in the way of all they hope to achieve.
The lives of their family are at stake, as powerful forces move to block the return of the true heir to the throne. The legendary treasure has remained hidden, known only to those who raised the true king of Meridian. Once uncovered the kingdom will be divided with both sides seeking to take the treasure for themselves. Alex must build his army, while accepting the despair of his father’s failing health.
Maria rejoices in the birth of her granddaughter, Lena. The young child with golden hair and a curious heart gives hope to the family as they take the perilous journey back to Meridian.

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